Women In Construction Week 2022

Highlighting Women In Construction Week 2022

This year, Women in Construction Week 2022 falls on March 6-12th. This is a week highlighting the accomplishments of HSI women in the various positions they hold, raising awareness of the opportunities available for women, and emphasizing the growing role of women in the construction industry. There are many reasons to highlight the accomplishments HSI women have succeeded in the past years. Our staff holds so many different positions ranging from Human Resources to office personnel. Meet the women of HSI below.

Amanda: Office Manager

Amanda has been with HSI for about 12 years. Some of her daily tasks include overseeing the daily operations in the office and working hand in hand with the estimators and production team.

Amanda women in construction week

Anne: Executive Assistant

Anne has been with HSI for about 3 years. She helps out the owner of HSI with whatever is needed, helps schedule appointments and plans out events for the company.

Becca: Marketing Specialist

Becca has been with HSI for about 3 years. In her role, she manages content creation for various social media platforms, website content, and blog content. She also helps plan company events and is constantly showcasing the community culture at HSI.

Becca Novak wrapping holiday gifts for Orchard Place Giving Tree
chelsea west, construction assistant

Chelsea: Construction Assistant

Chelsea has been with HSI for almost three years. She oversees the construction schedule, processes construction jobs, and helps with various job costs.

Denise: Lead Scheduler

Denise has been with HSI for almost 14 years. Being a lead scheduler, she communicates with customers, sets up their appointments, and answers any questions they may have.

Scheduler standing with anniversary post
Eliece construction assistant

Eliece: Production Assistant

Eliece has been employed with Home Solutions of Iowa for about 4 years. She schedules all of the LeafGuard® jobs, helps calculate payroll sheets, and communicates with customers on a daily basis with any questions they may have.

Kati: Scheduler

Kati just joined the Home Solutions of Iowa team a few months ago. In her role, she communicates with customers, sets them up with appointments, helps answer any questions they have, and follows up with customers after their project has been completed.

kati cunningham scheduler

Shayla: Accounting & Human Resource Director

Shayla has been with HSI for about 4 years. In her role, she handles anything related to Human Resources as well she has taken on the accounting tasks as well. This includes payroll, budgeting, and anything pertaining to money with the company.

Thank You To The Women of HSI

Each employee brings a new perspective to Home Solutions of Iowa. They are constantly challenging the industry, coming up with new innovations on how to grow Home Solutions of Iowa. We want to send a big thank you to the women of HSI for constantly succeeding in their roles, the hard work mentality they bring to work each day, and the uniqueness they take on in their roles.

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