Women In Construction: HSI Edition

It’s National Women In Building Week

The week of September 14th through September 18 is National Women in Building Week. This week is dedicated to all the women who are diversifying the construction industry. With so many opportunities for growth and success in pursuing a career in homebuilding, we believe it is important to promote, enhance, and support women joining the construction industry. When you think of a male-dominated industry, construction is probably one of the first jobs that come to mind. 10% of women make up the construction workforce with an even smaller number making up the front lines on the job site. It is important to break the ground and push the barrier to diversity in the construction industry.

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Breaking The Barrier Every Day: Women In Construction

Here at HSI, the women bring a lot of knowledge and insight into our day to day procedures. With many in various positions, each day they are pushing to become more knowledgable about the remodeling business. Their unique and bright ideas they bring to each of their roles has helped us create a better company culture, business, and growth over the past year. Those day to day roles includes Scheduling, Human Resources, Accounting, Office Management, and Marketing.

Amanda, Anne, Becca, Chelsea, Denise, Eliece, Jenni, Naida, Paige, Shayla, and Stephanie are the women raising the bar in the construction industry each and every day. We want to thank and celebrate them for playing an essential role in the construction business. Here’s to many more years of pushing the industry to be more diverse!

Women In Construction: Join The Industry

There are many programs to get started with the construction industry. We are proud supporters of Iowa Skilled Trades. This organization is great to show the youth there are other options than college. Another great organization is the Professional Women in Building group of Des Moines. They offer various mentorships for jobs in the building industry.

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