What is Knee Wall Insulation?

Winter Is Not Leaving Anytime Soon

An attic is a place many people don’t like to go up in yet know really much about. The Knee Wall insulation is something many homeowners have not heard of. Most newer homes tend to have an unfinished attic but some older homes may have a half-finished or fully finished attic. In a lot of the older homes (Beaverdale area), their attics have areas with slanted ceilings. Some are big enough for a bedroom whereas others are just tiny spaces mostly used for storage.

Those little rooms are called Knee Walls and they are the biggest struggle to keep insulated. Knee Walls are common in most homes, yet you may not know exactly what it is. A Knee Wall is created when a finished room is built within a sloped roof. A short wall called a Knee Wall forms a triangular space that can be accessed with a short door or access panel in the attic. The floor of the knee wall space forms the ceiling of the room below it. A lot of homeowners tend to use this space for storage.

knee wall infographic

Knee Wall: Poorly Insulated

While they can be an ideal storage spot, Knee Walls can’t do much without being properly insulated. Fiberglass is layered down on the floor of the Knee Wall but since fiberglass doesn’t stop airflow, it doesn’t do anything to insulate the area. Not being fully insulated, the Knee Wall spaces result in lots of cold air coming in the Winter and bringing in hot heat and trapped moisture in the Summer month. With the cold and hot, it brings an unsuitable storage room and high energy bill.

knee wall infographic
This space is extremely important to have insulated. It is in direct contact with the roof and outside temperatures and can easily transfer its heat into the adjoining room or down the walls to the rest of your home resulting in cold drafts and cold rooms.

Rigid Foam Insulation: Easy Solution

Wondering how you can make your Knee Wall space insulated correctly? Rigid Foam Insulation is the solution. Rigid Foam Insulation is innovative, eye-pleasing, and super effective. It easily expands with graphite infused right into the foam while we Air Seal the edges to provide the full maximum insulation. Rigid Foam Insulation has a radiant barrier on both sides so it reflects roof heat out in the summer but brings the heat back in during the cold winter months. This is the perfect solution to providing your Iowa home with a more energy-efficient, cozy, and fully insulated space.

knee wall insulation infographic
To fix the issue of air leakage in a Knee Wall space, we insulate with our Rigid Foam Insulation making sure to Air Seal in between each sheet.

#1 Choice For Insulation Needs

Don’t let your home lose money and comfort any longer. Call us today to help you fully insulate your Knee Wall nook. We can give you the full solution with a Heat Map Evaluation to identify where air and heat are escaping throughout other parts of your attic then providing you with our various insulation services.

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