What Is An Energy Home Evaluation?

Understanding An Energy Home Evaluation

The winter season is when homeowners can usually tell there are cold drafts/rooms throughout their houses. It can be frustrating receiving your monthly utility bill and it being extremely high with no idea how you have used so much energy. Luckily, there are ways to measure, assess, and improve energy efficiency throughout your home. Having an energy expert perform an Energy Home Evaluation is the answer to figuring out ways to improve your home’s efficiency and lower your bill. An Energy Home Evaluation is an assessment of your home’s energy performance and health. However, there are some added benefits to be discovered during your home’s evaluation.

home thermal imaging test
Blower door test

Benefits of An Energy Home Evaluation

There are three main benefits to an energy audit. It will help you make certain decisions on how you can conserve energy. It will help you increase the comfort, safety, health, and durability of the home, and help you in protecting the environment by reducing energy waste.

What Does The Energy Home Evaluation Process Look Like?

When an energy auditor comes to your home, they will perform a combination of diagnostic tests. They will explain to you how and why the energy consumption you are using may be costing you too much money and discomfort. Lastly, they will provide you with a list of energy and money-saving options.

The energy home evaluation will do a thorough inspection of the outside and inside of the home. They will use thermal imaging and visual inspections of all the insulation in the home, a blower door test to locate any air leaks occurring, inspect gas lines for leaks, and a full complete inspection of all the heating and cooling systems in the home. Receiving an energy audit could help save you up to 30% of your utility bills every month.

Save On Energy By Investing In HSI’s Insulation Services

Having an energy auditor is beneficial in helping you reach your maximum home comfort. After receiving an energy audit, call Home Solutions of Iowa for help in providing you with the absolute best home comfort. We have all the insulation services you need to provide you with a solution to your cold rooms/drafts. Our home comfort plan starts with detecting the problem areas in your home.

Using our Thermal Imaging camera, we can detect the areas where heat is leaking out. From there, we will Air Seal the nooks and cracks then go in and insulate with our Spray Foam Insulation and/or Cellulose Insulation. We will gladly explain to you what exactly is causing your issues and exactly what we will do to correct them. Enjoy peace of mind insulation installation with Home Solutions of Iowa. Contact us today to get set up with a Home Performance Test!

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