What Is A Snow Squall?

Snow Squall: What’s That?

A lot of us just received a notification on our phone for a Snow Squall Warning. Now, what exactly is a Snow Squall? A Snow Squall is a sudden moderately heavy snowfall with blowing snow and strong gusty surface winds. It is often referred to as a whiteout and similar to a blizzard lasting about an hour. Snow in October is not surprising for Iowa but a snow squall is something new.

winter snow squall
Picture Credit: kdat.com

Providing Home Comfort During Cold Months

While the Snow Squall tends to only be in effect for about 60 minutes, the cold weather is here and not going anywhere. The added combination of gusty winds, falling temperatures, and quick reductions in visibility has you being cooped up at home. The cold temperatures we are experiencing may have you noticing cold drafts or cold floors and constantly turning up the thermostat. This is a sign of a lack of insulation and we have the perfect solutions you are looking for.

home thermal imaging test
Our complete Home Energy Evaluation can provide you with the home comfort solutions you are looking for.

Insulation Services To Help Your Central Iowa Home

The first step is to have Home Solutions of Iowa perform a whole-house comfort evaluation. Our thoroughly trained energy expert will come to your home to test, inspect, and speak with you about how we can improve the comfort of your home, and lower your cost of homeownership. We will explain to you exactly what is causing your issues and exactly what we will do to correct these problems. We will provide you with one or a few of our insulation services mentioned above and get you the comfortable home you are looking for.

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