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Wet Basement?

Is the Spring Thaw
Causing Water in Your Basement

What a winter we had this year! Record-breaking snowfall this February, now we all know what follows, water. With all of this snow thawing, water getting into basements and ruining foundations is a worry we all have.  We can help you eliminate moisture so you don’t get up needing foundation repair in the future.

Eliminate Excess Moisture

There are preventative measures that will help you to skip the expensive waterproofing of your basement or having a complete drainage system installed in your home’s basement.

  • Does your roof have any visible signs of damage?
  • Are your gutters clean and clear of debris?
  • Are your downspouts far enough from your home’s foundation?

Asking questions like this and doing a whole home exterior check may help you see what exactly is the culprit of the water in your basement may be. Before ripping up your finished basement, or doing a complete basement overhaul. Check the outside of your home!

This home is now safeguarded with over 100 feet of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters, custom fit, and designed to function at the highest level for removing of excess moisture around a home by using a draining surface.

The downspout was guided through the deck and into the exterior drain tile.
The downspout was guided through the deck and into the exterior drain tile.


drainage system
Clogged gutters & downspouts affect your homes foundation long-term.

Prevent Water From Draining

Have you thought about all the factors that may contribute to your home not properly draining water from outside?

  • Clogged gutters, wet or frozen debris left over from fall & winter months.
  • Damaged downspouts, sometimes the weight of ice & snow can damage gutters & downspouts that aren’t made with thick aluminum.

A home’s exterior problem areas can be the main factor of the major issue that is in our basement by spring. We recommend starting from the top of your home, moving down to your foundation. Get a free home exterior checkup today!

Direct Draining From Top to Bottom



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