Weatherizing Your Central Iowa Home

Winter Is Not Leaving Anytime Soon

It is cold outside and it is not warming up anytime soon. While winter is known for everyone to stay cooped up at home; it is important weatherizing your home to maximize your energy efficiency. It is not only important for the winter season but every other one as well. Living in Iowa your home goes through so much with the cold winters, hot summers, and the weird uneven temperatures we experience through the years. It is much easier to feel the cold drafts throughout your home in the winter because of how cold it is outside. Home Solutions of Iowa is here to help you with making sure your home is fully weatherized.

freezing cold rooms
Winters in Iowa are always unpredictable. Some days we may be able to enjoy the mid 40’s where other days are in the negatives. Winterizing your home is important with the change in temperatures.

What Does Weatherizing My Home Mean?

Weatherizing is a process of keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient through every season. To start this process, we do a few different tests to figure out where exactly your energy is lacking. Running a full Home Performance Test helps us determine the exact problem areas. Not only do we do an infrared thermal imaging test but we also recommend running a Blower Door Test. Both of these tests gives us a very detailed image of where the problem areas are in your home. From here we can recommend one of our insulation services based on what we found from the results of the Home Performance Test.

The stack effect diagram
The Stack Effect. Warm air rises and leaks out at the upper levels of your home, and the home sucks new unconditioned (cold, hot, damp) air in at the lower levels.

Insulation Services To Help Your Central Iowa Home

These services protect your home from any sorts of air leaking. Proper insulation from a reliable, expert contractor is important in fully weatherizing your home. From the Home Performance Test, we can identify where exactly leaks are at in your home. We then proceed to Air Seal the cracks and nooks all over, then either blow in Cellulose or Spray Foam insulation depending on what your home is in need of.

Cellulose insulation offers impressive versatility in terms of application possibilities. The small particles form an insulation material that conforms to most spaces without disturbing the structure or finish.

HSI Provides The Perfect Home Comfort

Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we want you to feel comfortable in your Central Iowa home. With over 16 Iowa winters in business, we know how to solve any sorts of insulation issues.  We can help you start to finish communicating with you every step of the way. Call us today to get a Home Performance Test.

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