What Does Weatherizing The Home Mean?

Winter Is Upon Us: Weatherize Your Home Now

As you prepare your home and yourself for the cold weather ahead, it is important to weatherize your home now. Your home has many areas of exposed cracks, holes, and openings that allow heat to escape. What exactly does weatherizing mean? Well, weatherizing your home saves energy and keeps your home healthy. Weatherization is a form of energy efficiency that has health, safety, and cost benefits. It can help save money on the heating bill but also keep the home cozy and comfortable. There are many benefits to this including improving air quality and respiratory health. It can help promote better sleep and improve mental and physical health. With so many benefits, this is a crucial task to complete before the brutally cold weather hits.

before and after attic insualtion

Weatherizing Tips

  • Seal cracks and holes with caulk or expanding foam. This will eliminate the cold air entering the home.
  • Install window films. Window films reduce heat loss to save money.
  • Use weatherstripping to seal doors and windows. This will keep warm interior air in and the cold air out.

Your Weatherization Experts

Weatherizing your home will save you money in the long run but can be costly upfront. That is why there are programs and rebates to help. Seek out your local energy provider to see what specials or programs they are offering throughout the year. While taking on weatherizing your home by yourself may be a task you want to seek out yourself, reaching out to a professional is important in making sure your home is comfortable all year long. At Home Solutions of Iowa, we take pride in providing homeowners our top-of-the-line insulation services. Contact us today to get set up with a Heat Map Evaluation.

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