Ways To a “No Stress” Insurance Claim

Wind, Snow, or Storm Damage Can Be Overwhelming

A storm has just passed through your Iowa town and you look outside to see branches on your roof, gutters tore off your home, and water leaking through your ceiling. What a headache to deal with. Your thoughts turn to how am I going to clean all this up and find a contractor who can help me with my insurance claim? This painful and annoying procedure doesn’t have to be that terrible. Yes, your first phone call should be to the insurance company but here at Home Solutions of Iowa, our storm damage team is here to help you.

tree falling on home from storm damage

The Insurance Claim Process

The insurance claim process should always start with contacting your insurance agent and a reputable, local, and licensed storm damage contractor. The insurance agent will help you with the full process of filing your claim and send out an adjuster to identify the damages. By the time they are done, you will have in hand a full report of how much money you will receive for your storm damage restoration. Once the adjuster is out, you should call a local, reliable, and licensed contractor: Home Solutions of Iowa. Our storm damage team will come out to your home and provide you with a peace of mind inspection.

tree on home with leafguard damage


Don’t put yourself or others in danger, we recommend assessing damage from the ground level – only after the storm.

  • Inspect the area around your home

  • Take photos

  • Assess your roof from the ground

  • Check gutters, roofing accessories & windows

  • Look for leaks in your attic and ceilings

  • Call Home Solutions of Iowa

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Next Steps: Storm Damage Claim

Once you’ve called your insurance agent, it is time to call a reliable, reputable, and local licensed storm damage contractor. Our storm damage experts will come out to your Iowa home and provide a full storm damage inspection. We will look all around the home, on the roof, and even inside just in case there is water damage. We will provide you with an endless list of references and storm damage jobs we’ve completed in the past. By the time we are done talking to you, you will have in hand a full report and detailed roof and gutter estimates, completed with our licensed and insured information. All of this information will allow you to have peace of mind when figuring out what storm damage restoration you are able to do.

customers sitting in front of house
We have served thousands of customers helping restore their storm damaged homes.

Final Steps

Once the adjuster comes out to your home and provides you with how much money you will get for restoring your Iowa home, they will send out a check. It is time to schedule your gutter and roof replacement project. Our highly trained and certified staff work all year round, having the highest training and quality craftsmanship on everything from roof replacements to installing new gutters. We are always prepared to work and strive on providing homeowners with peace of mind storm damage restoration.

We were built on principles of quality and service that still guide us to this day. We can make the process of restoring your home as stress-free as possible. From the initial inspection to the final touches, we will take care of everything. With high-class warranties and years of experience helping homeowners in Iowa, we are proud to be a local storm damage contractor. If you think you may have any sort of storm damage, do not hesitate to call us and we will gladly help you with the process of restoring your Iowa home.

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