Understanding the “Home Envelope”

Why Does It Matter?

Everyone wants to feel protected and comfortable in their home throughout the changes of seasons. That is what the home envelope is for. If you have never heard this term before, you may be wondering what it is and how it affects your home. Think of the home envelope as the “outline” of the home, or the barrier between the indoors and outdoors. In order to maintain our indoor environment, the envelope has to control the flow of heat, air, and moisture from inside to outside.

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3 Terms to Know this Winter:

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Winter home covered in snow with a clear blue sky
Insulation installer applying spray foam to a home's walls

The home envelope not only separates outdoor air and weather from the indoors, but it keeps noise out as well. Living comfortably can mean protecting you from harsh weather conditions, feeling cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and not being disturbed by outside noises.

Fenestrations are the openings in your home where the inside and outside can meet. Typically, fenestrations are doors and windows, but can also include chimneys, skylights, and pet doors. These areas of your home can easily allow air to sweep through, if not installed correctly, and can lead to future expenses.

The thermal boundary is the best way to protect your home’s envelope, by air sealing and insulating. By stopping air leakage and losing heat in the winter, applying a strong thermal boundary will keep the home envelope comfortable all year long.

Seal Your Home Envelope with Superior Attic Insulation Services

Your home envelope issues make your HVAC system work overtime. Why not be proactive and cut down on energy use by enlisting Home Solutions of Iowa to insulate those often-overlooked yet vital areas of your home? Our innovative Heat Map Evaluation, powered by a state-of-the-art thermal camera, detects temperature variations within your walls, identifying hot and cold spots. These anomalies are telltale signs that your insulation may need attention, with a particular focus on your attic insulation, which plays a pivotal role in sustaining your home’s thermal balance.

The “home envelope” is there to protect you and so are we. Let us make your home the safe and comfortable place you want to be. If you are in need of an insulation upgrade for your home, contact us for a free heat map evaluation and get ahead before this winter season.

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