Understanding The Different Gutter Protection Systems

Gutter Protection Systems: Understanding The Difference

In today’s gutter world, there are many gutter protection systems on the market. Understanding the difference between each system is important in getting the right investment for your home. Not only are there many gutter protection systems but they all can seem the same to you as a homeowner. Luckily, we have broken down each different gutter system available to you on the market and what ones are worth investing in. Keep reading below to see what gutter protection system is perfect for your Iowa home.

Leafguard vs. mesh gutters

The Different Gutter Protection Systems

  • Option 1: Screens
    • Screens are the most common type of gutter guard. They come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. They do work well when leaves are the main problem. However, the openings in the screens are large enough to let in seeds and pine needles, and cleaning them out may require removing the screens. Second, the screens themselves can become plugged where they tend to do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do. Screens will do the job of keeping leaves out of your gutters but don’t expect them to eliminate gutter chores.
  • Option 2: Fine Mesh
    • Fine mesh guards function like screens but they can block all but the smallest debris. The tiny spaces in the mesh won’t clog with seeds and needles, but they can fill with shingle grit. This gutter protection system still needs occasional cleaning and the Fine mesh products are easily damaged by ice and branches.
  • Option 3: Surface Tension Toppers
    • Surface tension toppers do good with keeping leaves and debris from entering the gutters but installing one on top of your existing gutters can cause problems with the gutters themselves. Nothing should be put on your existing gutters as that can cause damage to your home down the road. These toppers are great for keeping leaves and debris out but with them not being custom fitted to your gutters, some sort of debris can still find its way into it.

The Best Gutter Protection System On The Market

At Home Solutions of Iowa, we offer the only one-piece maintenance-free gutter system on the market. LeafGuard® Gutters is a seamless aluminum gutter system that is roll-formed on-site to ensure a perfect fit for the dimensions of your home. This system features a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself. LeafGuard® will effectively channel the water away from the home, prevent debris from building up and clogging gutters, eliminates the possibility of your gutters leaking and causing costly water damage, and does not require any cleaning whatsoever. Now, almost every company says their gutter protection systems are maintenance-free. But, LeafGuard® is backed by a lifetime no-clog warranty. We stand by this that if LeafGuard® ever was too clogged, we would come out and clean the gutters out ourselves. This is the gutter protection system you want for your Iowa home.

To learn more about how LeafGuard® differs from all other gutter protection systems, contact us today! We will gladly come out to your Iowa home and explain how you could benefit from this one-piece gutter protection system.

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