Trending Home Improvement Projects For 2022

Hop-On The Trends In 2022

The last few years have been booming for home improvement. With more people investing in their homes, homeowners are looking to update the interior and exterior. While DIY used to be the thing for many people, homeowners are looking for skilled contractors to help reach their home improvement dreams. Replacement projects such as roofing, siding, windows, and gutters are dominating the home improvement market. Check out the top 5 home improvement trends that are hot this spring/summer.

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Home Improvement Trends Of The 2022 Season

  • Redesigning Home Office Focusing On Productivity: The shift to remote work had people struggling to find a suitable place to work at home. While many are returning to the office, hybrid work schedules are in demand. Homeowners are looking for ways to reshape the idea of a home office to be a productive space.

  • Creating An Outdoor Experience: One of the biggest changes after the pandemic is many homeowners want to spend more time outdoors. Bringing the outside in is a common theme among many home improvement projects. It is more than just adding a grill or table but rather creating an outdoor experience. Creating an open space patio that is used for many different activities is important to homeowners this year.

  • Focus On Wellness Design & Sustainability: Flexible spaces, outdoor living, and smart features all align with today’s homeowner’s goals. The home improvement market is looking to turn to a wellness-focused environment. Energy-efficient home improvement projects are what homeowners are looking towards. It is all about saving money while reaching the home improvement dreams they are searching for.

  • Disaster Repairs: The increasing intensity of storms throughout the year are pushing homeowners to spend more on disaster repairs. More homeowners are starting to prepare for spring/summer storms that could potentially happen and install top-of-the-line products that defend better against it.

  • Upgrading Roofs/Gutters: Homeowners are looking for ways to eliminate home exterior maintenance. One of those ways is by installing top-of-the-line roofs and gutters. Being able to have a product that allows them to think about other home upgrades is key this 2022 season.

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