The Top 5 Signs Your Home Needs Insulation Replacement

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As a homeowner, you most likely will spend a lot of time at home this holiday season. Hosting company, watching movies, or playing games with family and friends. However, you probably will spend much less time in your attic or other spaces in your home where you can see your insulation. This means you may be unaware of the current state of your home’s insulation. Let’s explore the common indicators of outdated or ineffective insulation to best address your need for insulation replacement.

Exterior of home with HSI Insulation sign in yard and spray foam truck in driveway.

5 Signs You Need Insulation Replacement

  • Uneven Temperatures Indoors: If you notice fluctuating temperatures in your home, it’s probably because of your insulation. Dramatic swings of warmer and colder temperatures are never comfortable to live in and are one of the biggest signs of ineffective insulation.
Uneven temperatures in the home due to bad insulation
  • Pests: You may not know they are there, but bats, mice, and other pests could be living somewhere in your home. They make their way in through the tiniest of holes in your roof or even vents. By having a well-insulated home, these pests can be closed off from returning.
Mouse in attic due to bad insulation
  • Water Damage: Pests can easily sneak into your home, but so can water. With heavy Iowa rains, water damage can be common without sealing the areas of your home where water is leaking. 
Water damage on ceiling due to ineffective insulation that needs to be replaced.
  • Drafts: No matter where they are coming from, drafts are a major issue. Drafts can occur in doorways, through windows, or in the attic. A temporary solution would be some caulking, but proper insulation would eliminate drafts for good and save you money in the future.
Woman standing cold in home watching temperatures change
  • High Energy Bill: Speaking of money, if your energy bills are costing you more, your insulation most likely is the reason. Maximize your thermal insulation and strengthen your home’s envelope to save money and lower your energy costs.
Person paying energy bill

If you are experiencing any of the 5 signs listed above, you may be in need of insulation replacement. Luckily, Home Solutions of Iowa is here for your home’s needs. For over 20 years, we have provided home comfort solutions to customers all over Iowa. Schedule a free heat map evaluation and we’ll find the problem areas in your home.

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