Taking It Way Back: How The Invention Of Gutters Changed Homes

Flashback To The Beginning of Gutter Times

Gutters are one of mankind’s most underappreciated inventions. Today they perform an important function in channeling the rainwater away from our home protecting roofs, foundations, and landscapes from the threat of water damage. While there are so many different types of gutter colors, systems, and materials to choose from today; it wasn’t always like that. While you may think gutters are a newer invention, they actually have been around for centuries. Let’s take it back to the beginning of times to see where gutter systems started.

  • gutter close up on home
  • the invention of gutters throughout the years
  • the invention of gutters throughout theyears
  • the invention of gutters throughout the years
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Ancient Rome: Bringing Gutters To Each Territory

Gutters were introduced to Great Britain by the Romans. It was important for them to have water stored for later use. As the Roman empire expanded, the idea of gutters would spread throughout each new territory they moved to. Buildings built during these times were constructed of loose stone, wattle, and daub or mud. If rainwater was to get to the foundation of this material, these buildings could become severely damaged. The roofs were built with a wide brim that shed the rainwater away from the home. Once the Romans withdrew from British shores, the technology was forgotten.

The Norman Invasion/ The Power of Henry VIII

When the Normans invaded in 1066, gutters were reintroduced. Churches, residences, and other structures were rebuilt with stone roofs and parapets. Gutters were put on these structures to divert water away from the vulnerable construction material. Henry VIII came along to help in the development of gutters when he dissolved the monasteries, leading to large amounts of unwanted lead. It was recycled into durable, weatherproof gutters. This was the start of a need for gutter cleaners more so than anywhere else. Suddenly it was reasonably affordable to weatherproof gutters.

The Georgian Era, Restoration, & Victorian Era

Cast iron grew more affordable in the 1700s and it became a very popular material for gutters. At the same time, wooden gutters were still a top choice in the United States. Fast forward to The Industrial Revolution and suddenly gutters were being mass-produced. This made them more affordable and became very common in the Victorian Era. Once gutters were installed on Victorians, they noticed the homes starting to live longer. Now this may sound crazy but with the gutters keeping the wall in people’s home dry, diseases like pneumonia became less common and less threatening.

The Modern Age of Gutters

Fast forward to the 1900s, metal rolling machines came to the market. Steel gutters were the new thing that everyone wanted for their home but once World War II hit, the metal was needed for the war. With that, the next innovation came along: Plastic gutters. They became the new trend for many homeowners. As always time goes on and technology advances. Seamless gutters came into play around the 1960s and have stayed around as one of the top choices for homeowners today.

Gutters Today

Today, gutters continue to be produced in a number of shapes and sizes. With countless options to choose from, you are sure to get the exact gutter system you are looking for. In 1993, LeafGuard® Gutters was developed by Englert Inc., a company that has been a pioneer of on-site, custom-fitted, seamless gutters since 1966. Home Solutions of Iowa continues to be the only authorized LeafGuard® Gutter dealer in the state of Iowa.

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