Summer Storms? How To Defend Against

Storm A Brewin? Summer Storms Can Be Impactful

Summer is in full swing. Cookouts, days spent at the pool, and drinks on the patio are a few activities Iowans love to participate in. Summer storms are also a thing that tends to happen frequently during the warm months. Gutter damage, hail damage to the roof, missing roof shingles, and storms can do a number on your Iowa home. We have compiled three ways summer storms can impact your Iowa home, so you are ready for what this season may bring you.

gutter in need of repair, falling off home from storm damage

Heavy Winds Are Impactful To The Roof

With storms come heavy winds. These high winds can cause severe damage to your roof, taking off shingles, underlayment, and adhesive materials. They can also make an impact on your gutters, pulling them away from the home. If you notice missing shingles or other roof damage after a storm, these can lead to leaks and possible damage to the inside of your home. It is always best to contact a professional to inspect your roof for any sort of wind damage.

Hail Likes To Cause Dents To Shingles

During a hail storm, the impact of hail in any sort of size can create indentations on your shingles, which can eventually cause them to crack. Cracked shingles can end up in water leaks on the interior of your home. Hail can also cause downspout and gutter damage, making your roof drainage system work a lot harder and less effective.

Crazy Summer Storms Bring Large Amounts of Debris

Summer storms are very unpredictable. Some are mild, some are intense, and some bring large amounts of debris onto your home. This can include branches, trees, powerlines, and other sorts of debris landing right onto your gutters and roof.

Call HSI For Your Summer Storms Restoration

After a storm passes, homeowners are left stressed about how to pick up the pieces from the horrific damages. That’s why we are here to help you with a seamless storm damage restoration project. Our storm damage team has years of experience with the summer storms Iowa faces each year. Avoid trying to find restoration services yourself, call us today and we will provide the solutions for you.

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