Storm Season:
Prepare Your Iowa Home

While we haven’t seen many severe storms yet, we have experienced some intense rain. As storms start to become more of a thing, it is crucial to make sure your home is not only free of damage but also storm ready. If you have not taken a look at the exterior part of your home or took some time to maintain the outside, it is crucial you get outside ASAP to evaluate the exterior part of your home. We have created a storm season checklist to go over to make sure your home is ready for the summer storms Iowa faces.

Quarter sized hail dropped from the intense storm on Thursday in Des Moines.

We experienced some pretty eventful hail storms last summer. Make sure the exterior part of your home is damage free from past storms.

Home Solutions of Iowa Is Here To Help

As always, Home Solutions of Iowa is here to help you get your Iowa home prepared for storm season. We pride ourselves on being advanced storm damage assessment professionals. We can come out to your Iowa home and inspect the exterior part for you! Contact us today for your free storm damage assessment!

Storm Season Checklist

Have your roof inspected by a professional to make sure that you don’t have torn, damaged, or missing shingles.

Shingle granule loss can appear in the gutters after a wind storm, indicating roof wear and/ or damage.

Trim trees and branches at least 3 feet away from the roof surface to avoid damage to your shingles and potentially to the structure of your roof.

Blown off shingles can expose your Iowa home to structural damage, mold, and mildew.

Make sure your gutters are cleared of all leaves, branches, and debris. If you are looking for a maintenance-free solution, consider getting LeafGuard® Gutters installed on your home.
clogged gutters in Des Moines

Make sure to clear out any sticks or other debris blocking your gutters and allow water to run freely and safely away from your Iowa home.

Review your home and business owner’s insurance policies to make sure that your coverages are in tiptop shape before the storm.

It is important to have a storm emergency kit on hand to grab when a severe storm hits.

Prepare your storm shelter and review your family’s emergency plans now.

Hail & Wind Storm Damage Des Moines IA
Home Solutions of Iowa is here to help you get your Iowa home prepared for storm season!