Storm Damage In Iowa

Storm Chasing Contractors Vs. Trustworthy Contractors

The Iowa Derecho has left many devastated and confused. While a lot of Iowans are still waiting for their power to be restored, others are searching for companies to repair their storm damage. With so many storm damage restoration companies to choose from, it can be hard to figure out who to go with. But, those companies who are there right at your doorstep after the storm hits could be potential storm chasing contractors. Storm chasing contractors have a way of trying to get you to sign with their company right away before giving you the chance to think about it. We have a few tips to help you if a storm-chasing contractor approaches you.

  1. Act in a Calm and Patient Manner: storm chasing contractors are anxious to get the work started but remember you have a year to file a claim after a storm so they should be respectful of waiting.
  2. Do Not Allow Them To Inspect Your Home Without Providing Insurance: If they perform an inspection and are not insured, you can be liable for their injuries.
  3. Do Not Sign Anything: Storm chasing contractors love to pressure high sales tactics. Signing a document allows them to commence work once your insurance company has approved it. Take time to seek out at least 3 contractors.
trees storm damaged home
The Iowa Derecho took everyone by surprise. The number one thing in searching for a contractor is making sure they are a reputable and licensed contractor.

Insurance Claim Process

The Iowa Derecho left towns looking like a war zone. Some areas were completely demolished while other areas suffered little damage. Either way, Iowans are left to clean up the remains and find ways to restore their home. To make your insurance claim filing process a little easier, we have five helpful tips.

  1. Record the date of the storm. Take pictures all the way around your home of any damage that you can see from the ground.
  2. Research at least three licensed, reputable, and reliable contractors to obtain estimates or proposals. Ensure the contractor does a full property inspection of your home.
  3. Read over your insurance policy carefully. Contact your claims representative and inform them of your recent storm damage. Make sure you have all of your documentation ready to send them as well as the estimate you chose from the contractors.
  4. Try to have your insurance adjuster be there the same day as your contractor. The contractor wants to make sure your insurance adjuster provides you with a fair assessment of your property damage.
  5. When your claim is approved, your insurance company will send the payments for the job. Ensure that the work is done to your satisfaction and your contractor sign a waiver.
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Hire HSI for your storm damage restoration. We will provide you with a stress-free installation, taking care of everything for you.

HSI: Your Storm Damage Exterior Company

We understand this is a confusing and stressful time. This storm took everyone by surprise and recovering from it will be a process which is why Home Solutions of Iowa is here to help you. Let us take the ease off of you, from the initial inspection to the final touches, we will take care of everything. We are an established company that is fully licensed and insured in Iowa, so our customers are able to have peace of mind when they choose us for their remodeling and storm damage restoration work. Contact us today to get set up with a free storm damage inspection.

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