Rain Barrels

All of the rain barrels we assemble at Home Solutions of Iowa are made from up-cycled (repurposed) food shipping barrels, originating mainly in Greece and Spain. The barrels have a capacity of 55 gallons and are #2 or #4 plastics. Because these are used barrels there may be scratches, nicks or dock markings on the outside. These do not affect the function of the barrels for harvesting water.

  • Rain barrels are from 39" to 40.5" tall and approximately 23" in diameter
  • All the lids have 3 2½ inch holes for water intake. Holes are screened using standard fiberglass window screening.
  • Spigots in all of our rain barrels are 3/4" quarter turn brass ball valves.
  • Each rain barrel has an interior overflow standpipe that attaches to a 12' flex hose.