Our spinning composter is designed for the urban gardener. The barrel is the same 55 gallon barrel we use for our rain barrels. The stand measures 31"(33" including the rod) x 36" and the bottom edge of the stand back should be 5 to 6 inches away from any wall or obstacle for free spinning. Each composter is equipped as follows:

  • Holes are cut in the top and screened for allowing rainwater in. Allows you to add water without removing lid.
  • Screw top lid for easy access and “varmint” discouragement.
  • Center aeration tube to provide oxygen throughout the barrel.
  • Galvanized steel axle helps break up the compost as it tumbles.
  • Sturdy stand constructed from treated lumber.
  • Stop-chain for use when filling or emptying composter.
  • Drainage holes on the bottom of the barrel to avoid pooling of water that could “drown” the microbes and bacteria that create your compost.

This Product does not ship. Composters are available for in-store pickup only.