Looking To Lock In Your Spring Deck Project?

Time To Lock In Your Spring Deck Project

For homeowners in Iowa, this time of the season is spent inside cuddling up next to the fire and enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa. The thought of spending time on the patio is long gone. In reality, this time of the year is a perfect time to get your Spring deck project locked in. That sounds like a crazy thought, why would I invest in a deck now when I can’t enjoy it for 4 months? Get on the list and have an amazing new patio to look forward to coming the warm months. Check out the benefits of investing in a composite deck.

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New Spring Deck Project Composite Decking Benefits

When it comes to home improvement projects, homeowners are leaning more towards a low-maintenance lifestyle. Composite decking is becoming the top trend over traditional wood. Two of the top manufacturers provide a nice aesthetic while easy upkeeping decking boards. Check out some of the benefits below.

  • Materials That Prevents Weathering, Warping, Splintering, or Fading: The deck boards are much less susceptible to erosion, bleaching, and degeneration than traditional wood undergoes when exposed to the great outdoors. This style features innovative materials that keep the colors vibrant, moisture out, and the decking boards intact.

  • Top Of The Line Warranties: Offering some of the best warranties to ensure your deck will meet the standards we tell you when installing.

  • Protective Capping That Prevents Mold & Mildew: For many homeowners, one of the top benefits of a composite deck is the protective caps. In composite decking, we cap all four sides to offer superior protection against moisture and mold.

  • Low Maintenance: Traditional wood decks need to be maintained at least every three years and replaced every 10 to 15. Some of those maintenances include power washing and staining the wood deck. Wood decks do not compare to composite decking whatsoever. Composite decks never need sanding, staining, or sealing to maintain.

  • High Value: While it may seem a composite deck is much pricier than a wood deck, once you factor in the savings on maintenance of a wood deck, a composite deck can end up paying for itself in a matter of years.

  • A Wood Aesthetic: While many homeowners do enjoy the look of a nice wooden deck, composite decking has custom designs to let the unique style of homeowners shine through without having to worry about performance.

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