Spray Foam Insulation Vs. Fiberglass Insulation

Spray Foam Better Than Fiberglass?

Is your home starting to feel colder as the weather changes, even though you have your smart thermostat turned up? If so, you may have an under-insulated attic. The question we receive from homeowners when deciding on how to properly insulate their home “is spray foam better than fiberglass?” The easy answer is yes but let’s go into details on what makes spray foam insulation better than fiberglass insulation.

fiberglass insulation in attic

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation comes in thick sheets or rolls of fibrous material called batts. This type of insulation is very common in many older homes throughout Iowa, being a cheap alternative to install. While it may be cheaper, you will be paying more for energy bills. It does provide a barrier to the cold temperatures but it has no true air seal. Cold air will still find a way into the home.

spray foam in clive, iowa attic

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam is made up of a polymer. When it is applied, it expands to fill in space. There are two types of spray foam, closed-cell, and open-cell. Both are very effective, but each one has unique attributes to it. Closed-cell spray foam completely blocks airflow from inside or outside of the home. It adds strength to the building, ideal for areas with high winds. It is resistant to moisture, mold, and features a higher R-Value. Open-cell spray foam is basically the same as closed-cell but a less expensive option. This is great insulation to help with sound reduction as well.

Spray Foam Insulation Better Than Fiberglass? Yes

When it comes down to the debate of is spray foam insulation better than fiberglass, spray foam wins, hands down. Fiberglass is great for DIY projects to provide a short solution. Spray Foam insulation will last a lifetime and it’s even better to have a contractor install it. When you partner with Home Solutions of Iowa for your next insulation project, you can guarantee peace of mind installation.

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