Spray Foam Insulation On Attic Ductwork in Ankeny, IA

Challenge: Cold Bedrooms

Many homeowners in Iowa have air ducts installed in their attic. This homeowner was concerned with the amount of time the heating unit was running and how the home never felt warm in their bedrooms. On a cold winter day, the discomfort and inefficiency of the ductwork system are increased as the warm air gets blown through cold attic ducts.

Fiberglass insulation, attic, before spray foam

Solution: Spray foam and air sealing

After a thorough inspection of this attic and the ductwork system, we came up with a solution to instantly increase the home’s comfort and efficiency of the attic heating and air conditioning unit. Our team of insulation experts prescribed spray foam insulation and Air Sealing techniques, to maximize the conditioned air to parts of the living space in the home. We achieved this by sealing and insulating any leaks in the attic ductwork, ensuring that the ducts stay the same temperature as the air you’re paying to condition, and allowing your home to reach the temperature you want faster.

After attic ankeny sealed ducts spray foam

Insulation Services To Help Your Central Iowa Home

These services protect your home from any sorts of air leaking. Proper insulation from a reliable, expert contractor is important in fully weatherizing your home. From the Home Performance Test, we can identify where exactly leaks are at in your home. We then proceed to Air Seal the cracks and nooks all over, then either blow in Cellulose or Spray Foam insulation depending on what your home is in need of.

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