Six Fraud Indicators Of A Storm Chaser

Detecting Fraud Indicators From Storm Chasers

Intense storms bring in a wave of unlicensed and unreliable contractors. As you are working on finding contractors and insurance claims for storm damage restoration, be aware of fraud indicators that storm-chasing contractors try to get away with. Storm chasing contractors know that homeowners are often confused as to how they will repair their home so they will swoop in trying to make a quick buck. Here are 6 fraud indicators of a storm-chasing contractor.

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Fraud Indicators

  • Personal or Insurance Information: Don’t give any personal information in person or over the phone unless you can independently verify the individual is legitimate. Scammers will claim to be partnered with insurance and then ask for all of your insurance info. If they are a partner, they will already have relevant info from your insurance.

  • Down Payments: Take a very close look at any written agreement and don’t hand over any money until someone you trust has reviewed it, especially if the company isn’t local.

  • Letting Someone Unreliable Go On Your Roof: Don’t send someone up without watching them from below. If they go out of sight and you hear noises, make sure they aren’t causing damage. Request photos of any reported damage and get at least three opinions before entering an agreement.

  • Photos: Take pictures of any damage to gutters, siding, or roof before having a damage appraisal. Don’t do business with them if there is any concern or extensive explanation about damage in your photos versus any photos they provide. Take pictures while work is being performed.

  • Call References: Ask for their verification and satisfied customers you can call to verify work. If refused or none provided, run away. Good, honest work speaks for itself.

Avoid Fraud and Partner With A Local & Established Storm Damage Contractor

It’s vital to have a professional you can trust on your side to help you through this often confusing and difficult time. With so many storm-chasing contractors out there, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the process of choosing the right storm damage repair contractor for your home. We can make the process of restoring your home as stress-free as possible. From the initial roof inspection to the final touches, we will take care of everything. Contact us today to get set up with a free storm damage inspection.

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