Understanding Roof Replacement Costs

The Big Question: What Is The Cost of a Roof Replacement?

A new roof is a big financial decision as this is something homeowners don’t tend to do very often. Which is why when deciding on a roofing shingle, a homeowner’s first question is what is the cost of a roof replacement? Based on GAF, the average cost of a roof replacement in 2021 was $10,419. Now, while that seems like a big number up front, a lot of factors go into the cost of a roof replacement. Keep reading as we deep dive into factors of cost, understanding it, and ways to avoid hidden costs that contractors try to hide in their projects.

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Factors That Impact The Price of A Roof

There are a lot of factors that go into pricing out a roof. Each home is different which is why the price will vary. The size and pitch of your roof, the location of your home, and the roofing materials will influence the cost of a roof replacement.

  • Home Size: The size of your home is the biggest cost factor
  • Roof Materials: This is the most variable cost. Asphalt Shingles are the most popular and typically cost the least. Asphalt Shingles are perfect for Iowa homeowners.
  • Slope & Pitch of Roof: Steep roofs can be more labor intensive. The complexity of your roof may influence the roofing materials and cost.
  • Location: Every state is different when it comes to the cost of living. Luckily enough, Iowa is a pretty low-cost place to live in and roofing costs will be lower as well.

Understanding The Cost of A Roof Replacement

A new roof is more than just laying down some shingles. With a GAF Asphalt Shingle roof, a lot goes into creating a roofing estimate.

  • Condition of Roof: Our Home Solution Experts will get up on your roof to inspect the condition of the shingles and other parts of the roof to scope out what is needed for a replacement
  • Recommended Roof Materials: One of our Home Solution Experts will sit down with you and outline the materials needed for your roof replacement. This includes shingles, ventilation products, and underlayment. The cost will depend on what materials you choose.
  • Calculate Labor Costs: To complete the estimate, our Home Solution Expert will add in labor costs and any other fees that may apply.

How To Avoid Hidden Roof Replacement Costs

It is important to educate yourself about a roof replacement. Being knowledgeable will help you know what to be wary of when roofing contractors come out to give you an estimate on your project.

  • Choose a Trusted Contractor: A reliable contractor will be ready to answer any questions, knowledgeable about the topic, and recommend the best roofing material for your home.
  • Look For a Cost Breakdown: Know exactly what your money will be going to. Your contractor should provide you with a breakdown of what each product will cost you.
  • Missing Warranty Information: Being a GAF contractor, we offer some of the best warranties. When meeting with potential contractors, they should provide you with a list of warranties that are offered through their products.
  • Ask about Clean-Up Costs: The cost of clean-up should be a part of your estimate. Contractors should not be asking you for extra money after your installation is complete.
  • Be Wary If The Estimate Is Too Good To Be True: A low cost is not always the best option. Be sure to make sure your estimate is not missing any roofing materials or estimates.

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