Recent Hailstorm Causing Your Home Troubles

Did The Recent Hailstorm Cause Damage To Your Home?

Just the other day, we experienced a crazy and fast hailstorm throughout Central Iowa. This storm produced hail from a quarter up to golf ball size causing serious damages to homeowner’s gutters and roofs. This has left homeowners stressed and devastated unsure of what next steps needing to be done. These fast storms come out of nowhere and cause an enormous amount of damage in such a short time. Wondering what to do with your damaged home? We have the next steps and solutions waiting right here for you.

hail in hand from hailstorm

First Steps: Identify The Damage From Hailstorm

The first thing you should do after a storm is to seek out multiple storm damage contractors. Seeking out multiple contractors allows you to get an idea of the wide array of choices you have in restoring your Iowa home. They will come out to your home, identify the damage, explain what needs to be restored, and how much it may cost. From there, you will have an adjuster come out to identify the damages.

Next Steps: Contact Your Insurance Agent From Hailstorm

The insurance claim process should always start with contacting your insurance agent. They will help you with the full process of filing your claim and sending an adjuster out to identify the damages. You should have a full report of how much money you will receive for your storm damage restoration. Next steps include calling a local, reliable, and licensed contractor.

Lastly: Enjoy Peace Of Mind Hailstorm Restoration With HSI

It is time to call a reliable, reputable, and local licensed storm damage contractor. Here at HSI, our storm damage experts will come out to your Iowa home and provide a full storm damage inspection. We will look around the home, on the roof, and even inside just in case there is water damage. We have an endless list of references and storm damage jobs we’ve completed in the past. Allow yourself to have peace of mind storm damage restoration with Home Solutions of Iowa.

Restore Your Hail Damaged Home With Home Solutions of Iowa

The storm took all of us by surprise and finding storm damage contractors during a time like this can be even more stressful. Call Home Solutions of Iowa and restore your home as stress-free as possible. From the initial inspection to the final touches, we will take care of everything. With high-class warranties and years of experience helping homeowners in Iowa, we are proud to be a local storm damage contractor. Contact us today to get set up with a free inspection!

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