Rain Harvesting Is The New Trend

Investing In A Rain Barrel Is The Trend

Have you heard of a Rain Barrel? Do you know the amazing benefits that come with investing in one? Well, if you have not heard, Rain Barrels are a way to save resources and conserve your water bill. It is the new trend of the summer and we can’t wait to share with homeowners who might not know how they could benefit from harvesting rainwater.

Harvesting rainwater is a practice that goes back years ago. With city water becoming the norm, harvesting rainwater became a thing of the past. Within the last couple of years, it has started to come back with more people investing in Rain Barrels to use rainwater for many different purposes. Keep reading on to see why homeowners are choosing to invest in a Rain Barrel.

Rainwater Harvesting Iowa

Rainwater Harvesting: Rainwater Is Free Water

Rainwater is free water and there are so many different ways to use it. A Rain Barrel is installed under a gutter and captures the rain that falls off the roof. The barrels come in a wide variety of different sizes to further suit the way you are using rainwater. The more ways you use the water, the more money you save by not running city water through your meter. This water can be used for watering outside gardens, flowers, and vegetables, watering houseplants, washing vehicles, doing laundry, washing windows, and so much more. The list is endless on how to use this rainwater. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we have been helping homeowners find the right size Rain Barrel, find the perfect spot to install outside of their home, and give them tips and tricks on the best ways to use the free rainwater.

Hop-On The Trend & Invest In A Rain Barrel

As little as a quarter-inch of rain can fill 3 barrels, which would equal 150 gallons. With just one overnight storm, your Rain Barrels could be filled to use the next day. Hop on the summer 2021 trend and invest in a Rain Barrel today. With many cities offering Rain Barrel rebates, it is an even better incentive to install a Rain Barrel at your Central Iowa home. Contact us today or stop into our showroom to hear how a Rain Barrel is perfect for your home.

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