Promoting The Skilled Trades Industry

Promoting Skilled Trades On Skilled Trades Day

The first Wednesday of May is always dedicated to showcasing and promoting the Skilled Trades industry. Skilled Trades are an industry that is often overlooked but with many job opportunities. This day is to raise awareness about the benefits of the skilled trade industry. With the stigma of everyone needing to go to school, it is hard for young adults to see how far their career could actually go with a skilled trades career. According to Forbes, over 53% of workers employed in a skilled trade are nearing retirement age. Compare that to the fact that only 1 in 5 students graduating from high school have shown an interest in trade jobs, and you can see why employers are having trouble finding workers. With such a lack of interest, the skilled trade industry will be struggling down the road. 

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Promoting Top Skilled Trades: Contractor Edition

The skilled trades industry lacks acknowledgment of the wide array of jobs that are available. From welding to construction workers, there are many opportunities to get into the skilled trades industry without going to school. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we take pride in training our highly skilled tradesmen to constantly broaden their skills. With over 17 years in the exterior construction industry, we bring a stellar reputation throughout the state of Iowa. Offering LeafGuard® Gutters, GAF Roofing, Insulation, Siding, and Decking; our tradesmen have a wide variety of knowledge in the construction industry.

We are a huge advocate for promoting the skilled trades industry to the youth of Central Iowa. Every year, we take part in the Build My Future event. This event is a way to promote and raise awareness for the youth here in the Central Iowa area to see what opportunities are out there in the skilled trades industry. Now more than ever it is important to promote this industry as they are the future of the workforce. We love taking part in this event and sharing what makes a skilled trades career so much fun at HSI.

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