Prepare Your Home For Storm Season

Storm Season Is Approaching

Spring has sprung! The grass is turning green, the buds are on the trees, and warm weather is here to stay. What is another sign of the spring season? Severe thunderstorms. The National Weather Service dedicates the past couple of months to raising awareness and preparing homeowners for storm season. Lighting, hail, and tornadoes are common this time of year causing homeowners to have to worry about dealing with storm damage and even worse storm chasing contractors. This is why we are here to help you prepare your home for the storms to come and how to deal with storm chasing contractors.

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  • storm damage gutter falling off home


  • Take Photos of Your Home: It is good to have proof of what was in existence before the storm.

  • Have A Phone List Ready: Gather up a list of local and trusted contractors in the area. It is important to have someone ready to call right after the storm hits and to avoid scammers luring you into going with them for your repairs.

  • Clear Out Your Gutters and Downspouts: The amount of rain we receive in the spring and summer months is intense. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and debris, it will cause damage to your foundation, siding, and basement.

  • Trim Branches Back: The worst thing is to have a tree fall on your home during a severe storm. Trim your branches back and if you have a tree that looks dead, we highly recommend getting it cut down.

  • Lock Windows & Doors at Storm Time: A lot of homeowners don’t know to do this but once you hear that a storm is hitting, make sure to fully lock all the windows and doors to prevent water infiltration.

  • Contact Your Insurance Provider: This is a good time to check in with your insurance provider and go over any improvements made to your home or changes to your policy in general.


storm chasing contractors

Storm chasing contractors are companies from out of state who flood to areas right after a severe storm has hit. They tend to be very pushy and even fraudulent. A lot of risks can arise when working with these types of contractors which include incomplete work, work that doesn’t meet building codes, and even having to retain the services of another contractor and attorney to get your home restored. They often drive vehicles with out-of-state plates, can’t supply documentation of being insured, offers to pay your insurance deductible, and don’t have a builders license number. They are there just to get a quick buck off of a stressed-out homeowner.

Our Storm Damage Team Is Here To Help

As a fully licensed and insured contractor with an established track record of helping homeowners restore their storm-damaged home, we are the company to trust with all of your storm damage restorations. Our storm damage team is here to help you through the difficult time, providing peace of mind storm damage restorations. We are not here to make a quick buck off your misfortune but rather want to provide you with full details every step of the way. If you are curious if you might have damages, contact us today and one of our storm damage experts will gladly come out to your Iowa home and provide you with a full exterior home inspection.

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