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Damon’s Attic Insulation Project In Johnston, Iowa

Attic Inspection Needed

Damon and his wife have owned their Johnston, Iowa home for 7 years. With the recent years of working from home all day long, they noticed being terribly cold when the winter season hits. They haven’t had their attic inspected since they moved in but never thought they would have an issue with an underinsulated attic. Unsure of what to do with the cold drafts they were experiencing, they turned to Google for an experienced insulation company.

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Saying Goodbye To An Underinsulated Attic

Damon and his wife will be able to enjoy the comfort of their home with a properly insulated attic. Our Home Energy Expert went out to their Johnston, Iowa home to run a Heat Map Evaluation. A Heat Map Evaluation gives a solid picture of where heat is escaping and the cold drafts are appearing. From there, our energy experts were able to provide Damon and his wife with a few of our insulation services as a solution to their issues. We cleared out the attic of any old insulation to have a blank slate to work with. Starting with Air Sealing, we sealed up any open exposed nooks and cracks. Then, we blew in a nice blanket of Cellulose insulation. Cellulose insulation easily fills around beams providing a higher R-value than basic fiberglass batt insulation.

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Air Sealing helps eliminate any sort of leaks, providing full home comfort.

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