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Janet’s Underinsulated Attic Solution In Des Moines, Iowa

Underinsulated Attic Equals Cold Home

Janet moved into her Des Moines, Iowa home about two years ago. After noticing she was experiencing cold temperatures every winter, she thought that having an underinsulated attic might be the cause. Tired of feeling brutally cold during the winter months, she was ready to find some sort of solution to her underinsulated attic issue. Janet turned to Google for help on finding a reputable insulation contractor.

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Saying Goodbye To An Underinsulated Attic

Janet can fully say goodbye to feeling cold throughout the winter months with a properly insulated attic. It was very noticeable just by climbing up into Janet’s attic to see that she had the bare minimum insulation. Some areas of her attic had no insulation whereas others had one roll of fiberglass insulation. The attic walls were bare open allowing heat to escape and cold air to come in. Our full Home Comfort Plan was the solution to the horrific attic insulation Janet had.

To insulate Janet’s Des Moines, Iowa attic we started with removing the little insulation there was. We air-sealed areas where heat could potentially escape. Air Sealing fully eliminates any heat loss in areas other insulation types can’t fit. After Air Sealing, we Spray Foamed the open attic walls then went in with a nice blanket of Cellulose Insulation. Janet’s attic is fully insulated thanks to our Home Comfort Plan.

Solutions To An Underinsulated Attic

spray foam insulation in des moines
Spray Foam Insulation increases comfort, provides an air barrier to help diminish air leakage from the home, and outperforms other insulation materials.
Cellulose insulation in des moines iowa attic
Cellulose Insulation is an eco-friendly option, resistant to mold and insects, and easily fills in around beams, pipes, wires, and other unique shapes and objects.

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