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Tyler’s Insulation Project in Ankeny, Iowa

Colder Temps, Colder Drafts in Ankeny, Iowa

With the temperatures dropping drastically, Tyler was feeling a cold draft through a few of the rooms in his Ankeny, Iowa home. Tyler knew he had a problem with heat escaping from his home after he noticed how much he was constantly turning up the thermostat. He decided to reach out to a local and reliable contractor for his own Home Performance Evaluation.


Each home has a minimum R-Value of how insulated the home should be. Even though the home meets the minimum R-Value, a lot of the time the home is still very uninsulated.

Effective and Easy Insulation Solutions in Ankeny, Iowa

After running a Home Performance Evaluation, we were able to detect where the heat loss was coming from. The R-Value was not at the number it needed to be to eliminate the heat leaking. Before laying down Cellulose insulation, we air sealed the entire floor of the attic. Air Sealing provided Tyler with the full effect of an insulated home. Next, we inserted Cellulose Insulation raising the R-value from 23 to 49. Our Cellulose Insulation is made completely of recycled and environmentally safe materials, making it an eco-friendly option. Tyler’s home is now fully insulated not allowing any heat to leak from his home giving him the ideal comfort throughout his Ankeny home.


Air sealing reduces the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is cost-effective, improves durability, and creates a healthier indoor environment.
Cellulose Insulation has the highest safety rating giving it the Class 1 fire safety rating. It is resistant to mold and insects.

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