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Tom’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Urbandale, Iowa

Gutter Upgrade Wanted In Urbandale, Iowa

Tom and his wife are living their best life as retired homeowners. They spend their days meeting up with their friends and family, traveling, and investing in their hobbies. Their Urbandale, Iowa home sits on a corner giving them the absolute curb appeal. But, with worn-out gutters, their home wasn’t up to the full potential it could have. Tom and his wife were not ones who wanted to have to climb ladders for gutter maintenance and didn’t want to seek out gutter cleaning companies either. So, to keep up doing what they love, Tom and his wife started seeking out multiple gutter companies that could provide them with a lifetime solution.


LeafGuard® Gutters will effectively channel water away from the home, prevent debris from building up, eliminates water damage, and do not require cleaning.


LeafGuard® Urbandale Iowa
With LeafGuard®, Tom and his wife will never have to worry about getting their gutters replaced again.
LeafGuard front of home close up urbandale, iowa
LeafGuard® is the only one-piece gutter system on the market. With a built-in cover hood that is part of the gutter itself, LeafGuard® stands out among other gutter systems on the market.

Lifetime Solutions: LeafGuard® Gutters

Tom and his wife came across a local gutter company called Home Solutions of Iowa who offered LeafGuard® Gutters. They were curious to see how this one-piece gutter system would benefit them as homeowners in the long run. Our Home Solution Expert Matt went out to Tom and his wife’s home to explain how LeafGuard® works, the benefits, and how it is different than other gutter systems. They were so pleased to hear that it was a one-piece system that would provide them with a maintenance-free lifestyle. Tom and his wife can do all the things they love without having to worry about gutter maintenance.

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