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Tom’s Insulation Project in Adel, Iowa

Is Heat Escaping Your Home in Adel?

Tom recently had LeafGuard® Gutters installed and his roof redone by us. When redoing his roof, we noticed issues with not having proper insulation installed in his attic. We noticed his insulation wasn’t at the proper R-value for his home’s insulation needs. We also noticed how the insulation he had already in his Adel home had some mold starting to grow. Tom knew he wanted to limit the amount of heat to escape from his home so he reached back out to us knowing we are the reliable contractor he needed.

Tom needed to address his heat loss by looking at his poorly installed insulation. By upgrading his attic insulation with blown-in cellulose insulation, he upgraded his energy saving.

Easy Solution: Cellulose Insulation

Before we laid down the new insulation, we took out all of his old insulation that was in his attic. Taking out the old insulation instead of adding the new insulation on top gives the home the most secure and proper insulation that the home needs. After removing the insulation, we air sealed his attic first before blowing in the insulation. Air sealing the crack in the attic prevents any air leakage from the home into the attic. After air sealing, we blew in the Cellulose Insulation. The thick layer of Cellulose was easy to fill around the wires and through the beams. Cellulose Insulation is made completely of recycled and environmentally safe materials making it an eco-friendly option.

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