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The Beauty of Proper Drainage

Before and After Gutter Installation

Jana lives in her Pleasant Hill, Iowa, home. Her stunning, ranch-style home with stucco siding, adds visual appeal to her home’s exterior. However, Jana’s gutter system was unappealing because of the streaks that formed due to dirt mixing with rain, streaming down the side of the gutters. These streaks are known as tiger stripes and decrease your home’s aesthetics. Jana is in need of a system that would properly drain water away from her home.

By choosing Home Solutions of Iowa, our team can find the right solution for you and your Iowa home. Continue reading to hear more about Jana and her journey to proper drainage for her home.

  • Gutters before
  • Gutters before

Home without proper drainage: Traditional gutters are less effective at preventing debris from entering the gutter system. When clogged, water cannot properly drain away from your home and could lead to significant water damage.

The Solution

As a retired homeowner, Jana needed a solution for her gutter system that would allow her to avoid ladders for good. Our team of professionals recommended the LeafGuard System, which is completely maintenance-free, and requires no cleaning. Not only does this system work efficiently, it also makes your home look amazing.

The Installation

We installed 400 feet of LeafGuard® on Jana’s Pleasant Hill, Iowa, home. Every LeafGuard® system is custom-fitted to each, individual home. After the installation of this unique, one-piece system, your home will be protected for life and have proper drainage.

The Result

The end result of Jana’s project was unbelievable. She was amazed by the look of her home and overjoyed with her decision to choose LeafGuard®. Jana appreciated our installers and all their work on her home. Not only was she impressed by their quality work, but she acknowledged their efforts in walking her through the entire process.

  • LeafGuard Project

Proper drainage for life: LeafGuard Gutters are built to last and protect your home. With the installation of 400ft. of Aluminum Wicker gutters on her home, Jana can live with the “get it and forget it” mentality. 

Home Solution: Proper Drainage

Jana could not believe the difference her LeafGuard® system made on her home. With a “get it, and forget it” mindset, she can now relax knowing she never has to clean her gutters again. If you are a retired homeowner searching for a low-maintenance gutter solution for your home, contact us today for a free in-home consultation. We’re here to help!

As we proudly commemorate our 20th year in business, we encourage you to check out our world of seamless home solutions. Embrace this opportunity and secure a complimentary home improvement quote now!

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