Project Description

Tao’s Air Sealing Project in Ames, Iowa

Water Marks are a Red Flag

Tao and his wife contacted us with concern when they noticed water marks forming on the ceiling of their home in Ames. We sent one of our home solution experts out to do a full home evaluation and find out what was causing this issue.

Ames, Iowa fiberglass insulation
Mold and water damage caused by moisture leaking from the home and creating condensation in the attic.
water stain on ceiling in ames, iowa
Water spots began forming on the ceiling from condensation in the attic dripping back onto the insulation and leaking onto the drywall.

Condensation in the Attic

During the inspection we found condensation forming in the attic. Moisture from the home was escaping through large gaps in the top plates along with poor attic ventilation, trapping the moisture and causing condensation to form on the underside of the roof and interior walls.

In a result, the condensation was building up enough where it was dripping back onto the insulation and wood beams causing mold growth and the water spots on the ceiling of the interior of the home.

attic air sealing in ames, iowa
The gaps in the top plates were air sealed eliminating the leak.

Increased Home Performance

To eliminate moisture leaking from the interior of the home into the attic, we air sealed the large gaps in the top plates along with any other joints and small openings. We also added more ventilation shoots in order to improve airflow.

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