Project Description

Tammy’s Spray Foam Insulation in Redfield, Iowa

Cold Floors in Redfield

Tammy and her husband were experiencing cold floors on the main level of her Redfield, Iowa home. The cause of this was from two crawl spaces located below. The current fiberglass batt insulation was unable to block the cold air from coming up through the floor.


crawl space filled with fiberglass insulation
The fiberglass batt insulation was falling out of the subfloor.
fiberglass insulation attic
Before image of the crawl space in the basement.

Spray Foam Solution

We added spray foam insulation to the rim joists and the subfloor of the crawl space to improve the home comfort of Tammy’s floors in Redfield, Iowa. For your home comfort evaluation contact Home Solutions of Iowa today 515-999-2896.


spray foam insulation in redfield iowa
After photo of the spray foam insulation in Redfield, Iowa.

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