Project Description

Larry’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Story City, Iowa

We Love Our Past Story City Customers

When we heard of a heavy storm that rolled through Radcliffe, Iowa; we called to make sure no damage was done to Larry’s home. Talking to Larry, we learned that he had moved to Story City and was actually looking to get LeafGuard® Gutters installed on his home again. Larry explained that his new neighbors have these large pine trees right next to his home that keeps causing him a headache with the pine needles falling into his gutters. Larry didn’t want to deal with finding gutter maintenance to fish out the needles stuck in his gutters. We set up an appointment to give a free estimate.

Before Story City Gutter Install

before leafguard installed on story city home
Larry knew his open gutters would cause him problems to maintain down the road so he reached out to us to install LeafGuard®.

A Reliable Solution In Story City

We installed 263 ft of Aluminum Brown LeafGuard® Brand Gutters onto Larry’s home. He won’t have to worry about his neighbor’s pine tree needles falling into his gutters now that he is safeguarded with the one-piece patented system. These gutters prevent debris from building up and clogging your gutters. They don’t require any cleaning or maintenance letting Larry live a maintenance-free retired life.

After Story City LeafGuard® Install

story city back of home leafguard install
LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are maintenance-free, durable, and custom-fit to each home.

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