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Spray Foam Insulation in Newton, Iowa

Cold Basement & Floors

Tiffany and her husband recently moved into their Newton, Iowa home and were experiencing a Midwest winter for the first time; the basement and first floor were very cold. During inspection we found that the rim joist was not insulated, a major source of heat loss and air infiltration.

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Rim Joist Solved

The rim joists are above grade (the portion of the home that is above ground) and should be insulated to the same level as the rest of the above-grade walls. This area is where the foundation wall, sill plate, rim joist, and subfloor come together creating a lot of opportunity for air leakage. It is important to air seal and insulates all of the cracks to make the home more energy-efficient. We installed spray foam insulation that both air seals and insulates at the same time.

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