Project Description

Sheryl’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Clive, Iowa

Open Style Gutters Needed Updated

Sheryl’s Clive, Iowa home had clogged gutters. Not being able to clean them out herself, she was looking for someone to come clean them for her. Sheryl reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa for help on cleaning out her gutters. What she didn’t know was that we could provide her with a maintenance-free solution. Instead of calling someone to come to remove the leaves and debris from her gutters, she could get LeafGuard® Gutters installed. She was shocked that there was a gutter system out there where no maintenance was involved. We explained to her how her Clive, Iowa home would benefit from this amazing gutter system.


Her two-story home was dangerous for her to clean the gutters out herself and hard to inspect each year to see if they were damaged.
The trees surrounding Cheryl’s house provided nice scenery but it was causing her more stress in constantly having someone come out and clean her gutters for her.

LeafGuard® Gutters: Best System On The Market

We installed 538 ft. of LeafGuard® Gutters all around Sheryl’s beautiful Clive, Iowa home. LeafGuard® Gutters is a seamless aluminum gutter system that is roll-formed on-site to ensure a perfect fit for the dimensions of your home. They are extremely durable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. Sheryl won’t have to worry about calling someone to come clean her gutters every few months any more thanks to LeafGuard® Gutters. Featuring a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself, the leaves and debris will shoot over the top allowing the rainwater to flow freely. Sheryl’s home is now fully safeguarded.


Sheryl won’t have to worry about calling someone to come to clean out her gutters and can enjoy the new scenery LeafGuard® Gutters provides to her home.
LeafGuard® Gutter is an everlasting solution. They are the one and only one-piece gutter system with a built-in hood that covers the gutter bottom and deflects leaves and other debris.

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