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Seamless Gutter Protection West Des Moines

Mark’s Colonial Home in West Des Moines Gets a Stunning Upgrade

Discover how Mark’s serene homeowner experience in West Des Moines, Iowa, turned into a mission to safeguard his beautiful Colonial-style home after a destructive hailstorm in August 2022. Learn how he sought the expertise of a reputable home improvement company to find the perfect seamless gutter protection solution, ensuring the longevity and protection of his valuable investment.

After the hailstorm, Mark’s gutters had seen better days. They were bent and dented, compromising their functionality and aesthetics. Cleaning and maintaining the gutters had also become a time-consuming and tedious task. Leaves, debris, and pests found their way into the gutters, clogging them regularly, leading to overflow and potential water damage.

Before HSI’s Seamless Gutter Protection:  The massive hailstorm damage left Mark’s gutters bent, dented, and clogged with debris, risking water overflow and damage.

The Problem

Mark urgently needed hail damage replacement and found the ultimate solution in LeafGuard® by HSI, a trusted local company. Extensive research revealed LeafGuard®‘s solid reputation, especially in weather-prone regions like Iowa. With a patented design for superior performance and clog prevention, LeafGuard®‘s seamless gutter system became Mark’s ultimate choice for long-lasting peace of mind.

The Solution

Mark quickly contacted Home Solutions of Iowa, bringing a team of experts to his Colonial-style West Des Moines home. The skilled professionals thoroughly assessed the property’s unique needs, including roof size, water flow, and aesthetics. After a meticulous evaluation, they recommended installing over 450 feet of Musket Brown LeafGuard® Gutters, enhancing the timeless charm of Mark’s Colonial residence.

The Installation

After considering roof size, water flow, and aesthetics, the team suggested over 450 feet of Musket Brown LeafGuard® Gutters. Mark was thrilled with the installers’ professionalism, resulting in a perfect fit that improved his home’s appearance and maximized water drainage efficiency. Embrace the seamless transformation of Mark’s residence with top-notch gutter protection.

Well-equipped to weather any storm: Experience the seamless transformation of Mark’s Colonial-style residence with LeafGuard® Gutter protection. 

Ultimate Gutter Solution: LeafGuard® Seamless Protection

Mark’s wise decision to install Musket Brown LeafGuard® Gutters after the 2022 hailstorm transformed his 1989 Colonial home. The seamless gutter protection not only enhanced aesthetics but also provided unparalleled performance and peace of mind. With clog-free gutters and worry-free maintenance, Mark can now enjoy his home without fear of water damage. Thanks to Home Solutions of Iowa’s expertise and LeafGuard®‘s superior quality, Mark’s home is ready to weather any storm.

Embrace hassle-free maintenance and peace of mind as your home becomes well-equipped to weather any storm. Trust the expertise of Home Solutions of Iowa for a perfect fit: LeafGuard® Gutters. Elevate your West Des Moines, home to a new level of excellence. Take the first step today!

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