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Scott’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Windsor Heights, Iowa

Fascia Damage in Windsor Heights

Scott and his wife just bought this ranch style home in Windsor Heights. They were moving back to Iowa from California and wanted to make sure their new home was ready for the fall and the winter so they contacted us at Home Solutions of Iowa for a free exterior home inspection. We sent one of our home solution experts and discovered standing water, leaves and other debris combined with soffit and fascia damage to their gutter system. If left untreated it could also lead to roofing, landscape, and eventually foundation damage.


open style clogged gutters with rain and leaves
Scott’s home was having draining issues. The cause was from the gutters being clogged from leaves along with improper sloping.
open style broken gutters with tree
The gutter apron was not the correct fit for the pitch or slope of Scott’s Windsor Heights, IA home. Over time the apron had pulled away from the home, in this case, allowing rainwater to run behind the gutter causing damage to the fascia board and soffit.

A Seamless Solution

Our solution, LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. LeafGuard® is a seamless aluminum gutter system that is roll-formed on-site to ensure a perfect fit for the dimensions of the home. We install custom flashing to match the pitch of the roof and the slope of the gutter so water has no way of flowing behind causing any damage to the soffit and fascia. Last, LeafGuard® prevents debris from building up and clogging the gutters for a maintenance-free, durable, custom-fit solution that allows rainwater to flow freely and safely away from your home each and every time it rains.

Scott’s Windsor Heights, Iowa home is now safeguarded with over 280 feet of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters and is ready for the falling leaves and winter months ahead. For your free gutter estimate contact Home Solutions of Iowa or call us at 515-999-2896.


LEafGuard Windsor Heights, IA
LeafGuard® is the only gutter cover system that can claim to have a patented, one-piece, seamless gutter system. Its built-in hood allows water to flow freely while eliminating clogs by deflecting debris such as leaves, pine needles, and small branches from nearby trees.
close up leafguard gutters in windsor heights
We offer a “No-Clog Guarantee” for as long as you own your home so Scott and his wife will never have to worry about gutter maintenance on their Windsor Heights home.

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