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Ruth’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Windsor Heights, Iowa

LeafGuard® Is For The Neighborhood

When you look down the street in Ruth’s Windsor Heights, Iowa neighborhood, you can see many houses with LeafGuard® Gutters installed. This neighborhood is filled with overhanging trees, heights not safe to climb on a ladder, and people not needing to perform gutter maintenance. Ruth was so amazed at how many of her neighbors enjoyed this maintenance-free gutter system. She was not able to clean out her gutters nor did she want to climb a ladder to fish out the leaves and debris. After talking it over with her neighbors on their experience with LeafGuard® Gutters and seeing an ad in her paper on this gutter system, Ruth knew it was time to call Home Solutions of Iowa to come out to provide her with a free estimate.


before leafguard gutters on windsor heights iowa home
Ruth was unable to keep up with gutter maintenance on her Windsor Heights, Iowa home. With leaves and debris falling from her overhanging trees, she was in dire need of  a solution to her gutter issues.


LeafGuard® Gutters front of house
LeafGuard® is a seamless aluminum gutter system that is roll-formed on-site to ensure a perfect fit for the dimensions of Ruth’s Windsor Heights, Iowa home. She can rest assured that LeafGuard® is extremely durable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing.
side view of gutters leafguard
LeafGuard® will effectively channel water away from the home, prevent debris from building up and clogging gutters, eliminates the possibility of gutters leaking and causing costly water damage, and do not require any cleaning or maintenance whatsoever.

Safeguarding The Whole Neighborhood With The Best

Going out to Ruth’s Windsor Heights, Iowa home, we noticed her gutters were in dire need of replacing. From leaves and debris clogging up, squirrels hiding among the gutters, and too small of downspouts; Ruth’s home was struggling to properly channel rainwater. We provided Ruth with a maintenance-free solution by installing 379 ft. of Aluminum Wicker LeafGuard® Gutters.  LeafGuard® Gutters are a top choice among homeowners because they are built to last. With unlimited benefits and a for sure enhanced curb appeal, LeafGuard® is the investment homeowners can be sure of. Ruth won’t have to worry about calling anyone to come out and maintenance her gutters anymore and be pleased to know this Windsor Heights, Iowa neighborhood is one of the best looking ones on the block thanks to this maintenance-free system.

Are you interested in having LeafGuard® installed on your Windsor Heights, Iowa home? Then, you need to contact us right away to have one of our Home Solution Experts come out to provide you with a free estimate.

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