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Shielding Your Home From Storm Damage

Our Roof Replacement for Hail Damage

Samantha is retired and lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Owning a home in Iowa comes with the cost of unpredictable weather. After a recent summer hail storm, she noticed her roof was not in the best shape.

After seeing an advertisement in the newspaper for Home Solutions of Iowa, Samantha decided to contact us to check on the condition of her roof. There were numerous places on her roof where hail damage was apparent. She did not want to leave her roof with severe damages, so she had us complete a full roof replacement on her home.

Shielding Your Home

Before the roof replacement: Samantha was well aware of the persistent storm damage on her roof. She did not want to worry about any other serious storm damage costs and wanted a product that would give her greater peace of mind.

The Solution

When our expert team completes a property assessment, they make sure to understand the needs of each homeowner. While identifying the areas of hail damage on Samantha’s roof, they proposed a top-of-the-line product – GAF Roofing. Not only would it solve her issues, but it would also enhance her home’s visual appeal.

The Installation

For Samantha’s 1968 home, we installed Timberline HDZ Shingles in a beautiful Mission Brown. This product ensures your home has a durable and sturdy roof for many years to come. We offer many styles and colors in order to create your desired aesthetic for your home.

The Results

Following the installation of GAF Roofing, Samantha had nothing except positive feedback to give. She loved the look of her new roof and shingles but mostly appreciated her issue with storm damage being solved. We were pleased to help Samantha restore her storm-damaged roof.

  • Shielding your home
  • Roof replacement
  • Shielding Your Home

After shielding her home: Samantha’s roof can now stand the harsh weather conditions that her home faces while living in Des Moines. Her home is protected with asphalt shingles from one of the top manufacturers in the nation – GAF.  

Impact of a Roof Replacement: Peace-of-Mind

A seamless GAF roof install is a 6-part process in order to ensure your home can withstand harsh weather conditions, all while enhancing its visual appearance. Samantha was very pleased with this project and is happy to have a durable new roof.

If you’re a homeowner facing storm damage issues and seeking a roof replacement, consider exploring the benefits of GAF Roofing. With this innovative product, you can protect your home while enjoying the beauty of a brand-new roof. Contact HSI to explore your options today!

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