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Ron’s Insulation Project in Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Heat Loss in Pleasant Hill, Iowa

With cold temperatures setting in early this year, Ron was starting to notice drafts of cold air throughout his home. He thought this issue was solved after reaching out to a different company last winter but Ron had not experienced any change in his home temperature. He reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa to see how we could fix his home’s heat loss issue.

Home Performance Test Tells All in Pleasent Hill, Iowa

We went out to Ron’s home and ran a Heat Map Analysis Test. The Heat Map Analysis shows us the exact areas where heat is escaping from the home. Before laying down the new insulation, we sucked up all the old insulation. We Air Sealed the gaps and holes in the attic and laid down Cellulose Insulation. Air Sealing before laying down Cellulose certifies no gaps are left open. Cellulose Insulation is very eco-friendly and it fills in easily around beams, pipes, wires, and other unique shapes in the attic. Ron’s home is now 100% protected from any heat trying to escape.

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