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Robert’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Retired Life Is Made For Relaxing

Robert was enjoying his retired life playing golf on the weekends, spending time with his family and friends, and overall enjoying the non-work life. Exterior home maintenance was not what he had planned for his time free from work. Robert was ready to commit to a gutter system that would keep his gutters free of leaves and protect his house. Robert’s gutters were very worn out. Having them on his home since he moved in, they just weren’t working up to what they used to. He reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa to see how LeafGuard® Gutters would be a gutter system that would last as long as he owns his home.


Robert was tired of finding gutter maintenance. His Cedar Rapid, Iowa home needed new gutters to support his home in the long run.

Bye Bye To Gutter Maintenance

Robert can forget about gutter maintenance forever now that he has LeafGuard® Gutters installed on his Cedar Rapids, Iowa home. LeafGuard® Gutters are the best option in choosing protection to your foundation, landscape, and roof. They effectively channel the water away from the home, provides a no-maintenance lifestyle, and eliminates the possibility of gutters leaking and clogging the gutters. Robert can take time to do the activities he loves now with a seamless gutter system installed.


LeafGuard® Gutters provide support and safety to the home forever. They also provide a nicer curb appeal for the home.
After LeafGuard® was installed on Roberts Cedar Rapids, Iowa home.

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Are you interested in a no-maintenance lifestyle? Do you want a gutter system that you won’t have to worry about? Then you need to get LeafGuard® Gutters installed on your Cedar Rapids, Iowa home today. We will gladly come out to your home and explain the great benefits you will get out of having LeafGuard® installed!

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