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Mary’s Rim Joist Job in Adel, Iowa

Rim Joist Needed Insulated in Adel, Iowa

Mary is one of our lovely past customers who had LeafGuard® Gutters installed onto her unique Adel, Iowa home and now was having issues with her Rim Joist area. She reached back out to us after noticing how cold her basement floors were with the temperatures dropping outside. We came out to identify the issue Mary was having and give her a solution so she could be comfortable in her Adel Iowa home.

before rim joist insulated
Rim Joist insulation

Rim Joist Issues

After going out to Mary’s Adel, Iowa home, we explained that she was losing heat in her home with the gaps in her Rim Joist. In most Iowa homes, the rim joist area is a large source of energy loss. The rim joist is at the edge of your wood floor framing system, which sits on top of your home’s foundation walls. A lot of seams come together at that point and it is a very common area that lacks the appropriate air sealing. With the cold winter air, it allows air to leak through the wood joints, gaps, and openings for duct, plumbing, and electric wires.

rim joist insulation in basement
Many midwest basements tend to be naturally damp and have condensation issues. Without the proper insulation, the home loses its R-value allowing winter air to leak through the openings and making the homeowner constantly turn up the heat.

Solution: Spray Foam Insulation

To fix this issue, we use Spray Foam Insulation to seal up the gaps in the Rim Joist. Spray Foam Insulation is very beneficial as it air seals and insulates at the same time. Spray Foam provides an air barrier to wherever it is applied to help diminish air leakage from the home. It won’t be damaged by mold or moisture and won’t settle or compress over time. Mary’s basement is now sealed up with the proper insulation needed to diminish any air leakage from her home. She can be comfortable in her home knowing she is getting the ideal heat needed.

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