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Rick’s LeafGuard® Gutters Project In Iowa City, Iowa

Seeking Reliable Gutter Contractors

Rick has owned his Iowa City, Iowa home for 17 years. This unique 1900 home has been through lots of storms, cold winters, and hot summers but in recent years, Rick’s gutters were starting to fall apart. A few years ago, he sought out gutter contractors to have gutter covers installed on top of his existing gutters, hoping they would provide him with a solution to leaves and debris getting stuck. But, what actually happened was the leaves and debris started to fall on top of the gutter cover pushing it in causing more damage. His gutters started to pull away from the home and crack. Rick knew he needed to find a gutter contractor to come out to fix his gutters before further damage happened to his Iowa City, Iowa home. Seeking out various gutter contractors on google, he found this gutter system called LeafGuard® Gutters. Interested to see how it could be beneficial for his home, he decided to give Home Solutions of Iowa a call.


Broken Gutter Cracked
Gutter covers tend to do a temporary job when it comes to deflecting leaves and debris. When leaves and debris get caught on top of the cover, it can push the gutter cover into the gutter itself causing more damage than safety.
Gutter Falling Off Home
While gutter covers might be a cheaper alternative, they will cost you more costly damage down the road.

Best Gutter Contractors In The State of Iowa

After calling the various gutter contractors on his list, we went out to Rick’s Iowa City, Iowa home to provide him with a free estimate on our gutter system. LeafGuard® Gutters are a one-piece gutter system that features a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself. It effectively channels water, blocks debris, eliminates water damage, and is truly maintenance-free. After realizing a gutter cover didn’t work on Rick’s Iowa City, Iowa home, he knew a one-piece gutter system was something he needed. We installed 201 ft. of Aluminum Egg Shell LeafGuard® Gutters on Rick’s home, taking away his gutter troubles and giving him the maintenance-free life he was searching for. He was glad his search this time around for gutter contractors was successful.

To get set up with a free estimate on your Eastern Iowa home, contact us today! Our gutter contractors are ready to talk to you about how you could benefit from LeafGuard® Gutters.


Side House With LeafGuard Gutters
With LeafGuard® Gutters, Rick won’t have to worry about any damage on his Iowa City, Iowa home.
Newly installed LeafGuard Gutters
LeafGuard® Gutters are the only one-piece gutter system on the market and we are the only authorized dealers in the state of Iowa.
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