Project Description

Revitalizing Iowa Homes 

Inspiring Before and After Gutter Installation Project

Jared and his wife have lived in their home in Traer, Iowa, for over 20 years. As retired homeowners, they love spending time traveling and camping. With their traditional gutter system, Jared constantly worried about the amount of maintenance his home required. Cleaning gutters is no way to spend retirement.

After seeing an advertisement in the newspaper for Home Solutions of Iowa, Jared called the office to learn how HSI is revitalizing Iowa homes with a LeafGuard® system.

Before the gutter transformation: Jared was searching for a product that would protect his home and give him peace of mind while he is away.

The Solution

After worrying much too long about his home in Traer, Jared called us for a free estimate. When our salesman arrived, he thoroughly assessed the property’s needs and showed Jared the exact problem areas. We proposed a seamless gutter system with low maintenance features for his 1954 home.

The Installation

After our recommendation, we installed a 285-foot-long custom LeafGuard system. Jared decided on a white system with light grey downspouts. By adding light grey downspouts to match his home’s siding, the white gutters truly enhanced his curb appeal.

The Results

Following the quick installation process, Jared was very pleased with the look of his new gutters. Now that Jared is living a maintenance-free lifestyle, he can enjoy weekends away without worrying if his gutters can withstand Iowa weather.

  • Revitalizing Iowa Homes
  • Revitalizing Iowa Homes
  • Revitalizing Iowa Homes

After installation: With LeafGuard, Jared can now go camping and travel without worrying about maintaining his gutters, a tedious task that no one should have to do during retirement.

Revitalizing Iowa Homes: Peace-of-Mind

20 years of gutter maintenance was not how Jared wanted to spend the rest of his retired life. Not only will his new gutter system keep debris out, but his home’s aesthetics have been enhanced. With LeafGuard, he can spend time doing what he loves, camping, not cleaning.

If you’re an Iowa homeowner seeking a maintenance-free solution, don’t wait and call us to schedule a FREE home estimate today. Elevate your Iowa home and experience a new level of excellence.

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