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Retired Life Brings On Maintenance-Free Projects

Retired Life: Securing Maintenance-Free Products

Ray was enjoying his retired life doing what he pleases when he wants to. The only thing getting in the way of his laid-back lifestyle was gutter maintenance. With his Urbandale, Iowa home being surrounded by trees, Ray was constantly climbing up on a ladder to fish out leaves and debris. A lifetime solution was needed for Ray’s Urbandale, Iowa home.

urbandale, iowa open style gutters
With trees surrounding Ray’s Urbandale, Iowa, leaves, and debris was constant pain for him.
LeafGuard Gutter Project before in Urbandale, Iowa
Ray was in dire need of gutter maintenance after the constant cleaning he went through every week.

Retired Life Is Amazing With Gutter Protection

Ray turned to Home Solutions of Iowa for help with installing a maintenance-free gutter system on his Urbandale, Iowa home. With LeafGuard® Gutters, Ray can fully know he will never have to climb up a ladder again. This one-piece system features a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself. It fully deflects leaves and debris from entering while channeling the water correctly. Retired life is amazing with proper gutter protection.

close up of leafguard gutters on urbandale, iowa home
LeafGuard® is a custom fit to each home, providing a secure solution.
front of home leafguard gutters in urbandale, iowa
LeafGuard® is a seamless gutter and gutter protection system all in one.

Live Your Best Retired Life

To learn how you could benefit from LeafGuard® Gutters, contact us today! We will gladly come out to your Urbandale, Iowa home and provide a free estimate. Contact us today!

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