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Our Gutter Solution for Hail Damage

Brittany and her family live in Grinnell, Iowa, and have been faced with plenty of hail storms in the last few years. Her gutter system was clearly damaged in many areas and not draining water properly. Her mom happens to be one of our office schedulers and has heard a lot about LeafGuard® from her. When choosing a company, Brittany knew Home Solutions of Iowa was the best option for her home’s needs. Our team quickly made it out to Grinnell to complete a property assessment at Brittany’s residence. Continue reading to discover our ultimate gutter solution for hail damage.

  • Gutter Solution for Hail Damage
  • Hail Damage Gutter Solution
  • Gutter Solution in Grinnell

Hail Damage: Along with the hail damage on Brittany’s gutters, tiger stripes had developed due to overflowing water. 

The Problem

Living in Iowa comes with the many possibilities of storm damage to your home. Brittany called HSI to schedule an at-home consultation to have someone further inspect her home for damage. Our trained professional made markings and took photos to explain the problem areas. This was enough for Brittany to decide to have LeafGuard® installed on her home.

The Installation

For Brittany’s gutter solution, we recommended over 250 ft. of Aluminum LeafGuard® Gutters. To enhance her home’s visual aesthetics, she chose a coal grey system, since she is looking to get black shingles on her home. The installation was swift and our team made sure to walk her through the entire process.

The Results

Following installation, Brittany noticed immediate improvements in her home’s water drainage. With LeafGuard®, the water flows properly and runs away from her home. She was very happy with her decision to choose Home Solutions of Iowa to take care of her home’s needs.

  • Gutter Solution Grinnell
  • gutter solution

After installation: With LeafGuard, Brittany and her family rest knowing their home is better protected against the unpredictable weather in Iowa.

Gutter Solution in Grinnell, Iowa

For over 20 years, we have provided Iowa homeowners with the gutter solution they need – LeafGuard®. With the “get it, and forget it” mentality, you can go about your life, eliminating gutter maintenance for good.

If you live in Grinnell and have dealt with hail damage, contact us today and we’ll give you a free at-home gutter estimate.

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